The next Annual meeeting of parisioners and the Annual Parochial Church Meeting has been postponed from the Sunday  26 April 2020 to a date yet to be advised.

At the Annual meeting of parishioners  and the Annual Parochial Church Meeting which took place on Tuesday 30 April 2019

Mr Adrian PECKHAM and Mr Richard KING were re-elected as church wardens.

The following were elected to the PCC:  

Mr Matthew DUNCAN, Mr Paul EVERETT, Mrs Alison FARARA, Mr Alex HAYNES,  and Mr Graham WINDSOR

The following were appointed as sidespeople:

Mr John BAYLIS, Mr Ray BELL, Mr David BROWN,Mrs Trudy BROWN, Mr Ron CORK ( Head Sidesperson), Mrs Jane DOBELL, Mrs Jenny DUNCAN, Mr Matthew DUNCAN, Mrs Alison FARARA,  MrChris FARARA, Mr Richard GARROOD, Mrs Sallie GARROOD, Mr Colin GRIFFIN, Mr Michael HOUCHIN, Mr Gordon McBREARTY, Mrs Fiona McGOWAN, Mr David PETERS, Mrs Ruth SPICE, Mr Steve SPICE, Mrs Pauleen WEST, Mr Graham WINDSOR adn Mrs Maire YOUNG.

The Annual Church Accounts can be found HERE

The Minutes of the APCM can be found HERE


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