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What We Believe

Christ Church Guildford is part of the Diocese of Guildford which is part of the Church of England. As a growing  church:

  • we are committed to teaching the Bible as the  infallible and inspired Word of God. We recognise that prayer is foundational to our vision and mission, so we continue to encourage both individual and corporate prayer. 

  • we are conservative in theology and contemporary in style. As our final authority, we appeal to the Bible regarding matters of belief and doctrine, behaviour and ethics, as well as matters of church life and practice.

  • we are an intergenerational family of faith, who meet together for  fellowship, teaching, worship,  prayer andencouragement. We value the ministry of every member and seek to use the gifts God has given us in His service both within the church and on our frontlines.

  • we seek to be outward looking and serve the local community by caring for others, sharing the good news of Jesus Christ, and by living lives that are worthy of Him under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.