Good Friday Activities

Good Friday Activities

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Make an Easter Garden

This is a great way to remind us all of the Easter story and have fun as a family, it can be as elaborate as you want or simple. If you don’t have a garden pot you could make one on a plate and use an egg cup for the tomb; an egg for the stone and cocktail stick crosses.




Make an Easter Banner

A picture containing indoor, table, large, shirtDescription automatically generatedMake an Easter banner and hang it in your window, for passers-by to see, proclaiming the good news of Easter. You can print one off the internet if you like, here are some links to some that I like. or Or be even more creative and make your own.

Make some Hot Cross Buns

Hot cross buns remind us of all the blessings we receive through the cross of Christ. Find a recipe and make your own hot cross buns which are extra yummy! We cheat a bit because we’ve got a bread maker here is a link to a recipe I like Alternatively just heat up ones from the shop and enjoy!


Make a sun catcher cross

A picture containing indoor, sitting, photo, handDescription automatically generatedMake a cross to put up in your window for the light to shine through. Cut a hollow cross out of card and then tape on tissue paper or even petals and leaves for the light to shine through. You could use this as a time of confession, as you stick each item to the cross think of something you want to say sorry to God for and know that it is know nailed to the cross with Jesus and God no longer holds it against you.





A picture containing indoor, table, sitting, blanketDescription automatically generatedMake a sensory Easter Bag

Collect together items that help you tell the Easter story, here are some ideas. A leaf or  a toy donkey for palm Sunday; a bread roll and cup for the last supper; an olive branch for the garden of Gethsemane; a picture of a rooster for Peters betrayal; a crown of thorns, a dice, a nail, or  a cross for the crucifixion; a piece of fabric torn in two for the curtain in the temple; a stone for the tomb. You could ask your children to pick one out and talk about it or make it into a game and time them putting the objects in order.


Sing a song

If you want to sing a song together as a family here is the link to Matt Redman’s ‘I will offer up my life’ that you can sing along to


Have a good Good Friday!

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