Last year, as part of our vision to develop discipleship in the church, we announced that we were going to relaunch our small groups (formerly Home Groups). Over 60 people signed up to be in groups and a number of people attended 4 training evening for small group leaders led by Jon. We have now sorted the groups and the leaders have been told who is in their group. If you signed up to be in a group, you will hopefully hear from your small group leader this coming week. Groups start the week commencing 18th September. 

All groups will now be called LIFE GROUPS. Jesus said – I have come that you may have life, life in all its fullness (John 10:10).

Our vision is that our small groups will be places where we will experience that life which Jesus offers, as well as places where we share our lives with one another.  They provide a place where people can meet together on a regular basis, building friendships, learning from the Bible, sharing, praying, caring, and encouraging one another.

Our life groups give the opportunity to learn and grow together in mission and ministry, both in individual everyday life on our frontlines and together as an expression of the churches mission to know Christ better, make Christ better known, and to witness to God’s love in active concern for the wholeness of others, in the power of the Holy Spirit.  The groups are often the first place for the discovering, building up and use of the gifts of every member.

Our vision is to see everyone in the church meeting regularly in a life group. Most groups meet on a weekly basis, either during the day or in the evenings. They reflect the broad membership of the church family and are led by one or more mature Christians in homes across the parish.  The groups tend to follow a programme of Bible studies linked to the current sermon series.

Please contact Nick Williams if you would like to join a group.